Adobe On-Campus Summer Internship Interview Experience, 2021 - Product Engineer

Adobe On-Campus Summer Internship Interview Experience, 2021 - Product Engineer

Written by Ritika Kayal | Published 3 months ago

Adobe visited our campus for hiring summer interns for the role of product engineers in the month of October, 2020. It was part of Adobe's diversity hiring program, '#SheCodes Batch 2022' and hence only female candidates were eligible. The initial shortlisting was based on CGPA and about 527 students were shortlisted for the first round.

The whole hiring process had two rounds namely, an online assessment followed by a technical and HR interview.


Round 1: Online Assessment

The format for this round was as follows:

  1. Cognitive test 20 Question, 20 min
  2. Computer Fundamental test 20 Question, 20 min
  3. Coding test 2 Questions, 60 min
  4. Gamified Assessment test 3 Tasks, 23 min

The cognitive test consisted of basic aptitude questions like simple interest calculation, data interpretation, number series, etc. The computer fundamental test focused on concepts such as data structures, OOPS and DBMS. The coding test included two programming questions. The first question required us to write a program to calculate the number of set bits in a binary number. The second question required us to match regular expressions as defined in the question to a given input. The first question was relatively easier and took around ten minutes to complete. The second question however took a little longer. The last round was the Gamified section and it consisted of a few memory games. This section did not require any preparation. None of the tests had negative marking.

The results for round one were out in about five days and 16 candidates including myself were selected for round two.

Round 2: Technical + HR interview

The interviewer began by asking me to introduce myself while they were going through my resume. Next, they asked me to explain in detail the projects that I had mentioned in my resume. They then moved on to asking me a few programming questions. The first question was to write the code for the mergesort algorithm and explain its time and space complexity. The next question was to write a program to generate the fibonacci sequence both recursively and non-recursively and compare the time complexities for the same. The third question was to print the boundary nodes given a binary tree. I made sure to explain my approach at every step of the way. At last the interviewer asked me whether I had any questions for them and thus my interview concluded.

The next day Adobe confirmed that I had been selected for their Summer Internship program. Over the course of the next few months, a total of 3 students including myself were selected for the Summer Internship program.

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