Appointy On-Campus Summer Internship 2021 Selection & Interview Experience For SDE

Appointy On-Campus Summer Internship 2021 Selection & Interview Experience For SDE

Written by Neetigya Chahar | Published 3 months ago

Appointy is a company that provides task scheduling and management solutions across the globe. The initial notification for selection of Interns in VIT had dropped on Oct 16, 2020. As Appointy was one of the very few companies that considered skills over marks & CGPA, I would love to share with you my interview experience. So let us get started!

Since Appointy approached students through the placement cell of VIT, there had to be initial eligibility criteria to participate. This was it...

Initial Eligibility Criteria

  1. 60% or 6.0 CGPA in class X and XII.
  2. 60% or 6.0 CGPA in pursuing degree.
  3. No standing arrears.

There were a total of 4 rounds of selection and interviews. Let us discuss them all one by one...

1️⃣ Technical Task

This round was very unique. Most of the other companies initially conduct a competitive coding test to check how good participants can code. Although that's good but it doesn't test how well can they apply their skills in practical projects.

In this task, we had to develop web APIs for scheduling meetings in a completely unknown programming language for most of us called Golang (Go).

We were given almost a day and a half from 9 AM 18th Oct to 3 PM 19 Oct to complete this task. In that time we had to learn the language basics, explore the docs, try to get experience on the coding style of the language, implement a web server without using any framework, and connect it with the MongoDB database. Since I have been in web server development through Node.js, even though I started late, I was easily able to implement the server once I practically learned GO.

All they wanted to test from this task was whether can we acquire new skills quickly and apply them practically.

Here are the complete task details: Tech Task - VIT Oct 2020 - Google Docs

This round was pretty exciting and without my expectation, I was among 32 qualified ones out of 1592 participants. 😃

2️⃣ Aptitude Test

This was a general aptitude test conducted on 24th October 2020 at 11:00 AM. There were 30 general aptitude questions (for example, on relative motion) in the test. Although questions were wide in range in terms of difficulty, the time provided was very less as compared to the number of questions (about 10 to 15 minutes).

After few minutes once the exam had begun, I realized that some of the questions can be logically solved in my mind. Hence I stopped solving sequentially and started solving such questions. That helped me. So it is important to go through the questions in any exam you attempt. Even they didn't expect anyone to solve or attempt all questions in that duration. Very short duration allowed them to test our accuracy with speed and prevented any fraud practice like googling.

3️⃣ Technical Interview

This interview round was conducted by 2 interviewers on 26th October 2020. In the interview, questions were asked based on my resume which I submitted just before the interview starts. Since I had mentioned certifications in React and Node.js courses in my resume, most of the questions were on React.

At first, I was asked to share my screen. The Google Meet meeting screen was being shared. They asked me to explain the top-down structure of React components required to build the web page. I was able to explain that after a few clarifications on the question. Then a few cross-questions were made on that.

After that, a rapid-fire like question-answer session had started where they were constantly asking questions on React and I was trying to give a short informative answer. At that point, I was not able to recall the answer to a question even though I really knew, I simply said that I cannot recall right now instead of being quiet and wasting time. It is a good practice to say that you don't know if you are performing well overall.

If you are into React, I was asked questions on PureComponents, Context API, Redux, the lifecycle of components, React web app structure related questions, and so on. Also, when I was asked about the GraphQL query language for API in Node.js, as I didn't know much, I realized how important is GraphQL right now in server development.

Overall, I liked the difficulties & experiences this interview served to me.

4️⃣ Meeting with the Founder & CEO!

Only 6 people were able to make it through the technical interview. I was one of them. After that, another interview was scheduled for 28 Oct 2020. The fun fact was, we weren't told who is taking this interview. The CEO Nemesh Singh himself gave his introduction in the meeting. Since I had researched about the company, I had guessed who is he, in my mind, and was also prepared for the interview.

We started by knowing each other. He told me about his experiences and background. Similarly, I told him about mine. He asked me where do I see myself after 5 years. I already knew he is a well-known entrepreneur who assists students in realizing their dreams. Even I have been constantly thinking about an idea that can be a good startup. So I replied to him that I see myself as an entrepreneur after I gain some corporate experience. This is how context helps.

Then he asked more about what are my successes in my past, what are my long-term and short-term targets, my interests, and much more to understand me better. After that, he told me all about Appointy and the work they do globally. To which, I asked him some more questions on Appointy and startups in general which led us to a deep discussion on current startup scenarios. Like why do most startups fail? How Appointy is doing so well? What could be a good startup? Exactly why one should do a startup? and many more topics. This really widened my perspective and made my thought process clear on how to create one. I also showed him some of my projects that I am working on.

This one-on-one talk on startups with a successful entrepreneur was a precious moment for me.


Overall, This interview process was a very good experience. I learned a lot of things. It gave me immense confidence in myself and eased my way to create a successful startup down the way.

On 5th November 2020, it was a fine evening when I got the email with my name in one of the 6 interns selected at Appointy.

Hoping this internship changes things forever for me!


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