On-Campus Internship Interview Experience On-Campus Internship Interview Experience

Written by Deepanshu | Published 3 months ago

Kristal Recruitment Team visited our campus in mid-February for the role of QA Summer Intern for pre-final year students.

Initial Eligibility Criteria

  1. 60% or 6.0 CGPA in class X and XII.
  2. 60% or 6.0 CGPA in pursuing degree.
  3. No standing arrears.

The shortlisting was done on current CGPA. 36 students were shortlisted and received a mail regarding their selection process.

Round 1

Round 1 was supposed to be an Online Test for the shortlisted students but it got converted into an interview as well. We were provided time slots for our interviews through mail. So the interview was a combination of two things Aptitude + Basic Technical.

The interviewer first asked me to introduce myself. In my introduction I mentioned 'I've worked as a backend developer with Nodejs, MongoDB'. So the questions were based on API calls, SQL and Non SQL Databases.

Then she told she was going to give me some basic puzzles or riddles to solve. So I got 25 horses puzzle ( I told her my approach but wasn't able to solve it. Without wasting much time I told her I wasn't able to figure out the logic.

She was quite supportive and encouraging and gave me another puzzle to solve ( I did take a bit of time but finally gave the correct answer.

Then again she moved to technical questions but asked basic questions like static and final static keywords. She also gave me a 2 line code and asked me whether we can change that variables value if the variable was static or final static.

Finally she wrapped up the interview by asking if I had any questions for her.

Interview lasted for 30 mins. In another half an hour I got a mail that I've been shortlisted for Round 2 as well :).

Round 2

Round 2 was also an interview round with the Head of Engineering It was a combination of Resume + Technical

He made the interview very comfortable and asked me 'How did my previous interview go' and 'Who was my interviewer for the first round'. Before asking me any questions he introduced himself and explained me the job role and what they were looking in an intern.

Then he asked me to Introduce myself where he asked me particularly about my previous internship. He asked me what was my role there and what all things I did there. Then as the role they were looking for was QA. He gave me a scenario where Amazon App was the product, Before launching this product in the market or to the clients I should design the test cases that needs to performed on the app. So I asked him to give me 1 min time to think. (It's better to ask for time to think instead of just speaking anything useless without thinking).

I answered it giving the test cases which I thought would be relevant like testing of the search bar on the app. Like it should be case insensitive and others which came to my mind.

He then asked me if I am familiar with OOPS concept. I explained him the OOPS concept and its features. He asked with to explain Encapsulation, Data Abstraction and Difference between both. Then he moved onto Searching and Sorting where I just briefed him regarding the techniques and the time was almost up.

This interview also lasted for 30 mins and he also wrapped it asking if I had any questions for him.

Telephonic Call from HR

Actually there was one more round i.e. Round 3 before this telephonic call which was also technical but only 2 students were shortlisted further to go to round 3. (I was not one of them). Both those students didn't get selected.

After 2hrs of my Round 2, I directly got a call from Head of HR without Round 3. It wasn't an interview call but was more like a conversation.

She asked me how did my previous interviews go. Where I am currently situated and how many members do I have in my family. She asked me what job profile do I wish to have in my future. And also whether I am ready to relocate to Bangalore for their Summer Internship.

I instantly got a mail from the HR regarding my selection.

Only 2 students were were finally selected as Summer Interns and I was one of them. Hope it helps :).

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