Optum On-Campus Internship Interview Experience

Optum On-Campus Internship Interview Experience

Written by Anukrati Saxena | Published 2 months ago

In the ongoing placement season, many companies visited our college to offer summer internships and full-time placements. Optum (UnitedHealth Group) visited in the month of October, offering summer internships to pre-final year female students. The initial shortlist was based on CGPA and a total of 90 students were eligible for round 1.

The hiring process was conducted in three rounds, an online assessment followed by a technical and HR interview.

Round 1:

Round 1 was an online test conducted on Hackerrank. It had mainly two sections:

MCQ: The MCQ covered a wide knowledge of our basics in subjects like DBMS, DSA, OOPS, OS, CAO, and logical reasoning. Some of them were multiple correct as well.

CODING: The coding round was an easy one and could be solved with brute force algorithms. 

Around 43 students were shortlisted after this round.

Round 2:

Round 2 was a technical interview round and lasted for around 30 minutes. We were asked to upload our resume before the interview was scheduled. It was also conducted on Hackerrank using the CodePair Tool. The interviewer was very nice and made me comfortable before starting the process. The interview started with questions regarding my projects and the technologies used in them. Then he picked a project off my resume and asked me to explain the functionalities and technologies. I talked about all the technologies, frameworks, and functionalities. 

This was followed by coding questions on linked lists and sorting. He asked me to implement linked lists in more than one language. I chose C++, Java, and Javascript and implemented it. We had a long discussion on sorting algorithms and their complexities. He asked me to implement my favorite sorting algorithm and give reasons why I prefer using that. I chose merge sort and implemented it.

The interview then shifted to questions on DBMS and OOPS. He asked basic theoretical questions. 

Some students had to give this round on Cisco WebEx due to some issues with HackerRank. They had a very in-depth discussion of the projects mentioned in their CV. 

Round 3: 

Around 30 students were selected for round 3. This was a managerial round where we had a one-to-one discussion on basic things regarding life and work.

They just wanted to check our communication skills. The way you present yourself matters. Common questions were asked such as-

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Tell about your family background

3. Why UnitedHealth

4. Preferred location

At last, I was asked if I had any questions. Do ask some questions for instance I asked about her experience at UHG and the challenges she faced during her work.

Finally, around 23 students were selected for an internship and I was one of them.

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